Looking back at the past year, I made a lot of progress towards my new goals – refocusing all my current projects around a central mission.
Personal update: I recently joined a brand new publishing venture as a partner. The goals and mission of this nascent publisher align well with the work…
We could mark the very moment that we stopped laughing at the laugh track.
I'm LeavingGood or bad, transitions are the interesting parts of life. And I'm definitely in a transitional period at the moment. With that, here's an…
LinkedIn Is a Tough ScrollUgh, It's Hard to Watch, Isn't It?
The Starting Posture of the WebI do not deserve your attention. I have to earn it, just like anyone else... crawling over the broken glass of algorithms.
How to Ruin a Good Customer RelationshipHow to Ruin a Good Customer Relationship in One Foolproof Step!
There's a myth that creativity and business don't mix. In fact, it's just the opposite: Creativity is now a business imperative.
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