The Starting Posture of the WebI do not deserve your attention. I have to earn it, just like anyone else... crawling over the broken glass of algorithms.
Fitbit's Unforced Error: A Blueprint for Bonehead MarketersHow to Ruin a Good Customer Relationship in One Foolproof Step!
There's a myth that creativity and business don't mix. In fact, it's just the opposite: Creativity is now a business imperative.
The Ambient Awareness TestThere's one question you can ask to find out if your messaging is getting through. I call this The Ambient Awareness Test. 
Stop Mimicking What Marketers DoMarketers have ruined marketing. So why do we fall into mimicking their bad habits and tactics?
Don't Take My AdviceYou don't need my help. You don't need anyone's help.
Finding Your Media FitListen now | Finding the right "media fit" is just as important as the content we produce and share. Miss the mark, and it's one-and-done – an opportun…
How to Change My MindListen now | Jessica Valenti changed my mind about cancel culture. How? By speaking with clarity and empathy. Links from the episode: The People ‘Cance…
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